Lily in 3-D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Lily Bug is here!!!!

Lilyana Leeann was born August 27th 2009, at 7:51 PM after 20 hours of labor. She weighed 8lbs 2.5 oz and was 20 12 inches long. She is an angel and a great baby

It all began at midnight on 8/27. i was scheduled for an induction. we made our way to hospital, and i was hooked up to the iv's and ready to go....the incerted the cervidil at around 1 am. It was a little painful because they couldnt use lube, or it would counteract with meds. after it was incerted, Kris went to bed. I was a little on the anxious side so it was had for me to relax. at about 3am i started to get cramping. it wasnt bad at first just like af cramps. at this time i felt like i was in a dream. to this day it feels like that day was all a dream and i just woke up and i had a baby. Anyway, iat around 5 am the cramping started to become horrible. i was getting all the contractions in my back. it was def. painful. i asked for something for the pain, i just couldnt do it back was KILLING me. i can even describe the pain. that allowed me to get a little sleep, but by 8am i was right back to where i pain. at this point i was stuck at 2cm. they said i couldnt get the epi til 3 or 4....depending on the dr. i tried my best to deal with the pain. i recieved another dose of the pain killer, and tried to get some more rest. at 12 the nurse tried to take the cervidil out, but come to find out the nurse who put it in, didnt leave the tail for her to pull it out! it felt like she had her whole arm up there! she called in another nurse with smaller longer fingers/hands. i begged the whole time and the nurses were great. i kept saying i couldnt do it but the reasured me that i could...the nurse that they brought in was awsome, she told me she was going to get the cervidil and break my water and then they would HAVE to give me the epi! kris litterally had to hold me down while they fished the cervidil out... she got it with no problem, and then she broke my water. thats the weirdest feeling ever! to sit and leak constantly LOL... i begged for the epi at this point...they called an the anestesiologist was there within 10 min but it felt like an eternity. the epidural wasnt nearly as painful as i thought it was going to be. it felt weird more than anything. it took a good 15 min for the epi to kick in, and after that i felt so much better! at this point i was 4 cm after the epi, and it was 2pm. within 2.5 hours i dialated from 4cm to 10cm. when they checked me at about 9 cm they found the baby to be sunny side up...they tried to move her around but she wasnt budging.... the pressure u feel with the need to push is so weird. it is like you have to poop...but different. its an emormass pressure on ur perineium, but it feels like your gonna poop the baby out. i started pushing around 5ish. at first i didnt know what the hell i was doing, but after a few min i got the hang of it. after a good hr and half they offered to use the vaccume, and i agreed,.... i pushed with all my might...but i was having this weird hard sensation, they said to push past it but it wasnt the was just trying to push something thro a wall.. after 3 tries with the vaccume the dr said she wasnt budging. he said she was stuck and with the heart decels she was having it would be best to do a c section....after that it all went so fast.... next thing i know kris is etting scubs the anesisologist was back giving me more meds ( thank god! ) next i knew they were wheeling me back. after that it all went so fast. kris and i were talking and next i know i hear this strong cry! kris got up and said she was eautiful and pissed! and that she wa s good size baby and had a cone head lol. i told kris to go with her, and he cam eback said she was gorgeous and he kissed me...they weighed her and i as amazed to find out she was 8lbs!! i couldnt see her from that fa because i didnt have my glasses... begged them to let me see her...they said they would they were cleaning her finally they brought her to me...i barely got to touch her and kiss her and they took her to nursery...hubby went with her while they stiched me up. after that they wheeled me back. the dr said she would have never came out vaginally. he said i would have gotten her head out but thats it she would have gotten stuck at the sholders...back in the room, kris was allowed to bring one person at a time back to see her. i begged the nurses to let me back to see her, i had to make sure she was real, that she was ok. they said she had to spend 2 hrs in nursery just because of delivery, she would get a bath and then they would put her in warmer make sure she could hold her temp and they would bring her to me. i was so upset...everyone else got to see her before i could. they showed me pics but it wasnt the same. finally they brought her to me....and i was in owe.... so in love. it was weird to see this little being who had been in m belly for 9 months..... from there the hospital stay was ok. on our second day i noticed she was a little yellow and i mentioned it to nurse. the peditrician looked at her, and said she was perfect, but she did have jaundice, she said her levels were elevated, not to ad but they wanted to get her in the nicu with the billi lights for 24 hrs and retest. i will never forget how empty i felt at 5am on that saturday when the wheeled her little basket bed thing away and took her. i cried and cried... i did however get some sleep. we went and saw her later that morning, and i cried my eyes out when i saw her under the lights. kris thought i was silly...he said she was just jaundice and wasnt gonna die....but who wants to see there child like that? they wouldnt let me hold her, only during feedings. i was there every 3 hours to feed her. any chance to hold her. kris left hospital and went home to nap and shower...he came back around dinner and brought me something to eat. we hung out and went to feed lil at 9 and 12. after that he left and went home. i couldnt sleep tho. i went back to nicu at around 2am...and i litterally fell asleep with my hand in the incubator holding her hand lol...i left and went back to my room. i was back up at 6am and went to feed her. the dr came to see me as did the pedi and we were ok'd to go home that day!! we finally got home around 2pm on sunday the 30th.

she is my angel and i am so blessed to have her. she is beautiful and the best baby ever. she only cries when shes starving or pooping lol... anyway thats her birth story...

heres some pictures:

Friday, August 14, 2009


Well i guess its been awhile since i posted any updates....

things are pretty much same ole same ole, im no longe working as of 30 weeks...but most know that and the story behind it.... so since then ive pretty much been sittin at home waiting on my little girls arrival. its been hard. im so impatient and pregnancy hasnt been a walk in the park for me. to be honest, if i knew where life would be in like 5 yrs...i might just tie my like i told my hubby...i wanted the baby...not to be pregnant!!! lol i guess i had a neive notion u got pregnant and the world was great and 9 months later u have a baby...YEA RIGHT!!

well latest U/S says Lily was 4 lb 9oz and 16.5 inches. this was at 31 almost 32 according to what dr said shes over 7 lbs... heres a pic...

so shes a chunker... also...if she decides to not make her apperance before...i will be induced on 8/31... so only a few more days...i dont think its actually even hot me yet that im gonna be a momma...its like we have talked about this person...and its almost like shes my imaginary child...LOL....i cant wait... i hope everything goes great and i honestly hope she comes on her own before then..but if she doesnt then she doesnt....i feel whats ment to happen will happen!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

my baby shower!

well it was last sat. but i havent had a chance to update lol...

anyway it went pretty well! i think about 17 people came all in all. i got alot of loot, but not much off of my registry :( thats ok this last week i think i got a majority of the reaming stuff, now i need to get a smaller bag, a healthy kit with the boogie sucker and what not, baby meds...little stuff like that! im having second thoughts on breastfeeding. i know its best for her, but i want kris and alexis to be able to feed her too and i am being told not to pump for first few weeks....i dont know! i will try it...worst case senerio...ill stop....i dont i guess i have to see if i get any breastmilk first!! lol anyway here are pics...


my MIL had to made me a ribbon hat...

me and Jenny with our bellies :)

the LOOT!
^^ jenny made me these! arent they so cute! i hope lilys feet can fit into the booties lol

I will post some of lilys bed and stuff when im done getting it all together :) im so excited and ready for her to be here!!! it feels like shes never going to make her debut!!

i have dr appt this thursday, and then another US for growth the thursday after (the 9th). I am tying to figure out how to get a video uploaded onto my computer, but i got a ood video of her moving the other day! anyway thats all for now!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its baby shower day!

well u read it today is my baby shower! ive been looking forward to this day for awhile, but today comes and sadly..i woke up crying. i just cant get over that my mom isnt here. I had a feeling this would happen. I dont know if its the things around me....but i just...i always saw this day with her...and its like something is missing....i will remember this day for the rest of my life probably....i dont want to be sad. i hope everything goes well and the games go ok. i hope everyone gets along ok. im going to try not orrying about everything...but i know thats not going to happen. i will post pics later on tonight, prayin i can stop crying and be happy......give me strength...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

update on things....28 weeks!

well i had a perinatologist appt this last thursday and the news was good!!!

my placenta previa has moved and is now ok for me to have a vaginal birth YAY!! everything with lily is good! she is measurign 2 1/2 weeks ahead, and is weighing 3 lbs 6oz already and is 16 inches long!! shes my chubby bubby!!!

shes deff. growing. its so weird to watch her move in my belly. it still hasnt really sunk in yet. i have all this baby stuff but....i dont know how to describe it! my baby shower is in 6 DAYS!! OMG seems like just yesterday it was forever to excited, anxious, worried, and sad all the same time. excited for the obvious reasons, anxious because i just want it to be here, worried about of how things will turn out...if everyone will get along...f every one will have fun....worried how everything will go.....sad because my momma wont be here, and i know she would have loved to be. miss ya momma!

i got my dress for the shower, it is cute! im planning on letting my mother in law and cousin decorate and prep while i go get my nails and feet done, then will come and get ready!!! anyway thats the update.....i will upload belly pics getting even more whalish if thats possible LOL

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3D pics and Update....

Hello! i havent posted in awhile.

things are a such a stand still life day weekend we went to beach, last weekend we went to movies and i went to yoga w/ Jenny.... other than that....same shit different day!!

work is ahhh work..... its weird, do i want to go back or do i really want to stay home?? my ideal situation would be to not work til after first of year. i would like to take some classes during winter semester if Lily permits....and $$ of course. Alexis is getting excited about Lily's pending arrival.....we have discussed it after much begging by her...we have desided if i CAN deliver her vaginal, she will be in the room. she knows that babys come out of there...she just doesnt know how they get there?? lol i figure....PERFECT BIRTH CONTROL....for future anyway.

kris wont be able to make it to my U/S on the 11th so i made him take me for a private one....and man i am in LOVE!!! Lily is so beautiful. and i know i am bias...but man.... if she has kris's butt and my boobs MAN we need to start buyin guns NOW lol...(she must sense i am writting about her cuz she kickin up a storm now :) ) anyway here are some pictures....she had her thumb in her mouth for a good portion of the scan....she gets that from Alexis :)....

My little love...
I miss her.....and shes sittin with me lol....ugh under 100 days left......i cant wait til she is almost here!!!!!! only 2 more weeks til baby im excited for that...but scARED.. what if no one has fun? what if no one shows????? oh well....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

24 weeks!

Sorry for lack of update last week, with mother's day it was hard. my first year as an "offical" mother, even though i have lexi, and my first mothers day without my mom...hard day.

well here are pics for 24 weeks!!!!

i went to my friend jennys today and we painted what is going to be her lil boys nursery. it was nice because we dont have a oom to paint or do so i got my painting fix :) lol any next dr appt is on thursday!!! then i took friday off andhave monday off for teh holiday, we are going to the river on saturday!! im excited :)